Does your business have the right connectivity? Wired or wireless, we’ll innovate and build it right.

In the world of converging technology, Data, Video, Voice and Security operate over a single network (wired or wireless).

So is your network ready and up to speed?

For these solutions to operate efficiently, it is critical that the right foundation be designed, installed and maintained to deliver the reliability and speed needed for your business.

Our Siyaxhuma Infrastructure team can assist with:

  • Structured Network Cabling – Copper and Fibre
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Security Solutions – CCTV and Access Control
  • Data Centre Solutions

Poor network performance and reliability issues often stem from a poor-quality network infrastructure that cannot support today’s technical requirements or business demands.


Why partner with us?

With over 30 years of experience, our highly trained team will design, plan and install the right solutions for your business to the highest standards.

Structured Cabling
A structured cabling system is the wiring network that carries all your data, voice, multimedia, security, VOIP, POE and even wireless connections throughout your building or campus. It includes everything from data center to the desktop, including cabling, connecting hardware, equipment, telecommunications rooms, cable pathways, work areas and even the jacks on the wall plate in your office.

Wireless Solutions
Building high performance wireless networks that are reliable is critical in any business as it ensures that your team has seamless access to business information and resources on their mobiles devices and computers, wherever theyneed to work.

Benefits of using our Infrastructure Department:


Trained and certified professional network installers with over 20 years of experience